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January 4, 1996

My Dear Children,

It is a great pleasure for me to have received from you a beautiful card with the message below to me as Dad on my birthday, my response to the same is as under in the form of an imperfect poem, quite repetitious and not in proper verse form:

For You Dad,

What is a Dad ?

A Dad is a word of encouragement

A smile that’s always there

A hand to guide us on our path

A heart to always care

A Dad is understanding

Patient, gentle, wise

Someone to look up to

In his children’s eyes

And you’re the perfect Dad because

You’re all these things... and more....

And you’re more appreciated

Than you’ve ever been before.

To My Dear Children

Your Dad is what he is

Because of the love you bless him with

Encouragement and ever ready smile

Have bee bestowed on him by you

His understanding and care

Due to you with him are there

He is sure gentle, patient & wise

But in small manner, he shares them all with you

No man is perfect and so am I

Yet you must look up to a part of sky

Sky alone is without a limit

Your Dad is high yet not so high

Let us appreciate each other as ever we do

You do me and I do you

And so in love we may ever advance

You must make progress, get every, each chance

Happy be you and smile you ever

Be you smart resourceful & clever.

With lots of love & blessings to each one of you

Your Dad,

Kewal Krishan Mittal



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