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Edited by

Professor K. K. Mittal

Dr. Ashvini Agrawal



The study in Buddhism and Buddhist art has been a much sought for theme for more than a century now and new discoveries and their interpretations made it further alluring. Like the spread of Buddhism the researches and writings on the subject assume the global interest.

It is in this light that Prof. K.K. Mittal who has devoted a major part of his life in this field has presented before us this important volume, Buddhist Art and Thought.

The book is an excellent collection of twenty essays penned by several renowned scholars on different aspects of Buddhism. It deals with Buddhist art, symbols and myths, iconography, complex and composite figures, wall and cave paintings, bronze, literary canons, discussion on some dated sculptures, Buddhist vision and aesthetics, presentation of Buddhist art and host of allied problems.

                        R.C. SHARMA

                        Director General

                        National Museum, New Delhi



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