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Dedicated to the scared memory of my father


of BarnalaDist. Sangrur, Punjab

who taught me to appreciate the varied and variegated

socio-cultural life in the land and to respect all

shades of thoughts.

- Kewal Krishan Mittal (1974)


This is a unique research work of distinctive quality based in original Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit sources. The book not only highlights the neglected features of Indian thought of early pre-systematic period but also presents a careful, critical and constructive survey of well-developed concepts and doctrines of the full-fledged Indian Philosophy.

The book also exposes some of the established misconceptions about Indian philosophy that, "It is essentially spiritualistic" and the like, made current by some 'great' orientalists with ulterior motives and accepted uncritically by the historians of Indian philosophy. Thus, the book maintains, that like life and culture, the Indian thought is equally rich and variegated decrying the tendency to consider all other schools of thought as so many steps towards Vedánta.

The book upholds that even for Materialism we need not seek inspiration elsewhere, as we not only have a system of materialism of our own (Indian)  in the Cárvaka (Lokáyata) system but it also plays a role of considerable importance in the other thought-systems.



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